90M+ IPs

By millions of IPs to scrap
Web pages


Select IPs from any country, city, ASN or carrier


Used by more than tens of thousands of enterprises

24/7 Support

IT specialists are 24/7 available for technical support

Data collection solutions

Dynamic residential IP agent

Residential Proxy

In-house rotation & private IPs in 220+ countries

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  • Global Mix-Selection IPs
  • Custom duration & period
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
Static residential IP agent

Static Residential Proxy

Long-term & stable residential IPs

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  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Country and city-level targeting
Dynamic Data IP Proxy

Datacenter Proxy

Dedicated & Shared Datacenter Proxies

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  • 1.8 million+IPs
  • 300+ cities
  • 99.9% uptime

90M+ Residential Proxies

Our proxy network is composed of real-peer devices.

IPIDEA has established partnerships all over the world, which makes our proxy pool more advantageous.

Real-Time Crawler

Collect data efficiently. IPIDEA offers companies on-demand data collection services and saves costs for tens of thousands of enterprises.

Average success rates >99%

Targeting accuracy>99%

Response time <1s

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Data Statistics Dashboard

Through the IPIDEA dashboard, you can manage proxy usage at any time.

Add Whitelist IPs

Real-time proxy data monitoring and statistics

Easily configure the proxies, via API access or create sub-users